Make Any Type of Tea Taste Better [Guide]

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Tea has been shown to increase metabolism, oxidize fat, and help you lose weight. However, plain tea can get boring after a while. The good news is it's easy to make any kind of tea taste good. There are a variety of ways to make green tea, oolong tea, black tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea, or herbal tea taste good but still be healthy. You could improve the taste of popular varieties like earl grey or irish breakfast tea.

How to Make Green Tea Taste Better

Start with high quality green tea. Supermarket green tea may be inexpensive but it won't taste as good and won't be as nutritious as high quality, loose-leaf green tea.

Then pair it with flavors that go well with green tea. Some of our favorites include mint, honey, lemon, and gunpowder green tea but green tea goes great with a variety of flavors.

How to Make Black Tea Taste Better

Like green tea, start with high quality tea. Buying high-quality tea will lead to much better tasting tea than supermarket tea. One of our favorite brands is Stash Tea. In particular, we like their Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea and their Irish Breakfast Blend.

How to Make Oolong Tea Taste Better

Many of the same flavors and concepts that make black tea taste better apply to oolong tea as well. With that said, oolong has a distinct taste that generally needs less flavor that something plainer like black tea. A simple splash of lemon is often all you need.

How to Make Chamomile Tea Taste Better

Chamomile tea has kind of an earthy taste. If you mix in some mint or lemon balm, it'll improve the taste and possibly enhance the relaxation effects of chamomile tea.

How to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better

What you should add depends on the type of herbal tea you're making but fruit is often a great way to make herbal tea taste better. Common flavors include orange, raspberry, and cherry.

How to Make Ginger Tea Taste Better

Honey is a great way to make ginger tea taste better and it'll help clear your throat, too.

How to Make Kava Tea Taste Better

Yogi Tea makes some quality kava tea and they make it taste better with cinnamon and ginger. We think this is a great way to make kava tea taste better.

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