How to Make Yourself Drink More Water

Water with Lemon and Lime

Most diets suggest you should drink more water and less soda, juice, or other sugary beverages. But drinking water can be a chore to the point where you have to nearly force yourself to drink more water. The good news is there are many ways to make water taste better without adding 40 grams of sugar.

Try an all-natural water enhancer.

Most grocery stories have a section for water enhancers like Mio or Crystal Light. And depending on your perspective, these might be more or less healthy than soda. From a weight-loss perspective, they contain fewer calories and grams of sugar, which is a plus. However, they also often contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose that might make you hungrier and crave sweets. An artificial sweetener is a replacement for sugar or other sweets that attempts to provide the same sweet taste with fewer calories. However, artificial sweeteners might actually make us hungrier and make us crave sweets. This debate is still ongoing. This is why you should try an all natural water enhancer.

Two of our favorites are True Citrus Water Enhancer, Black Cherry Limeade and True Citrus Water Enhancer, Raspberry Lemonade. Unlike grocery story water enhancers, you can actually understand and identify all of the ingredients that True Lime and True Lemon use. And we think these products represent a better combination of ingredient quality, taste, and price than most other all-natural water enhancers.

Water your water down with lemonade, orange juice, or any other kind of juice.

A glass of juice often has the same amount of calories or more calories than a can of soda. However, it's possible to enjoy the taste of juice with a calorie count closer to water. Simply add water and juice at the same time. What's great about this is you can control exactly how much flavor you want. You can make your drink taste like water with a hint or lemon or you can make a slightly less sugary lemonade.

If you miss the carbonation of soda, try seltzer or sparkling water.

Seltzer mixes the carbonation and flavor of soda with the calories of water. Most seltzer is calorie-free and tastes more interesting than a regular glass of water. Truth be told, seltzer will not taste as sweet or flavorful as a glass of soda but it will also be much healthier for you. Some of our favorite brands include:

Mineral water might actually provide more health benefits than ordinary tap water.

Most water contains a variety of trace elements. Some of those elements, like magnesium, iron, and calcium, are beneficial to your health. Some elements like fluoride are debatable. And other elements like chlorine, arsenic, and lead are probably detrimental to your health. This concentration of trace elements varies based on the source of the water, which is why some mineral water might be healthier for you than regular, tap water.

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water has a crisper taste and possibly has a better combination of minerals than regular, filtered tap water. According to their mineral analysis, San Pellegrino has a higher concentration of good minerals while also having a lower concentration of bad minerals. Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water is another popular choice sourced from a similar area of the world.

Add a water filter pitcher to your kitchen.

The taste of tap water can be "interesting". Furthermore, like mentioned above, your tap water may contain a variety of negative and debatable elements like chlorine. Installing a standard water filter is a great idea. But if you're looking for something less expensive and more convenient, a Brita Everyday Water Pitcher is a great way to quickly reduce those bad trace elements and make your water taste better.

Drink juice that contains a low amount of sugar and calories.

Not all juice is created equal. Coconut water generally contains far fewer calories and grams of sugar per serving than conventional grocery store juices like orange juice, grape juice, and apple juice. It also still tastes pretty good if you find a brand that's fresh and not from concentrate. Our favorite brand is Harmless Harvest but they're pretty expensive so we only purchase them as an occasional treat. Harvest Bay Coconut Water is a nice balance between price and taste.

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