33 Ways to Make Green Tea Taste Better

Young Green Tea Plant in Mist

Green tea has a variety of health benefits. Unfortunately, it can taste bitter. Luckily, it's very easy to make green tea taste better and still be healthy. Discover the best green tea add-ins, tips, and techniques to make green tea bags taste good. Also learn how long to steep and the brewing temperature for green tea.

Don't brew green tea at too high of a temperature.

The most common mistake people make when brewing green tea is they steep it in water that is too hot or they steep it for too long. You almost never want to steep green tea in boiling water.

So what is the correct temperature to brew green tea at? The exact temperature varies based on the specific type of tea and your personal preference. These are some solid guidelines.

  • Green Tea Steep Time: 45 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Green Tea Brewing Temperature: 165°F to 185°F --- 74°C to 85°C

Brewing longer/hotter will extract slightly more caffeine but will also extract more bitter flavors.

Tip: A simple, easy way to gauge the temperature of your water is with an instant-read thermometer. They're one of our favorite kitchen gadgets. Instant-read thermometers allow us to brew our tea or coffee at the perfect temperature. They're also useful for cooking to ensure that meals have reached the right internal temperature for food safety.

Use a quality strainer and filtered water.

Using a high-end strainer (like a stainless steel mesh brewing basket) helps you avoid spilling loose-leaf tea into your drink. Using filtered water is less important but could potentially help with subtler tasting teas.

Add spearmint, sweet mint, or peppermint to your green tea.

Moroccan Mint is one of the most popular types of green tea and usually consists of spearmint or peppermint. There's also other types of mint green tea like Egyptian Mint or Mojito Mint. All mint teas work great as refreshing, summertime iced teas.

It's also very easy to make your own homemade, mint green tea. Mint seeds are inexpensive and all mint plants are very easy to grow. We recommend putting mint plants in pots since they grow so well they turn into weeds. You could also purchase pre-dried spearmint leaves or peppermint leaves to infuse into your tea.

Try some Jasmine Green Tea.

Jasmine Flowers are one of the most popular add-ins for green tea. They might also provide additional health benefits but scientific evidence is inconclusive. Either way, jasmine green tea has a crisp flavor that provides a nice change of pace from plain green tea. Our favorite blend is Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea.

Mix in some lemon juice or other types of citrus flavors.

A Purdue study found that complementing green tea with citrus juices or vitamin C likely increases the amount of available catechins. This means lemon juice will make green tea more flavorful and make it a little bit healthier. You could also try orange, lime, or grapefruit juices for a similar effect.

Adding lemongrass or lemon myrtle likely won't increase catechins but they'll add lemon flavor and other potential health benefits. We enjoy Numi Maté Lemon, which contains green tea, lemon myrtle, and maté. Maté is another type of tea with more caffeine than green tea.

Try green tea with tulsi leaves, rose hips, or hibiscus flowers.

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is an aromatic plant that is a popular addition to tea in India and Southeast Asia. Like other flavors you can infuse your tea with tulsi leaves or buy pre-flavored tulsi green tea.

Rose hips are the fruit of rose plants. They're very high in vitamin C and add some tart flavor to your tea. Hibiscus flowers also impart a tart, berry flavor with a hint of lemon.

Make a homemade green tea latte.

Thickeners like milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or macadamia milk will make your green tea taste smoother.

Add some honey, berries, or other natural sweeteners.

Sweeteners in moderation (particularly natural sweeteners) are a great way to make green tea taste better. Here's a few ideas:

Green tea with berries (like blackberries, blueberries, pomegranates, raspberries, and strawberries) adds additional vitamins and minerals to your tea and makes it taste sweeter.

When in doubt, go with popular, pre-flavored tea.

Here's a few of our favorite, reasonably priced green teas:

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