All About: The BRAT Diet

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The BRAT Diet has historically been recommended to help with stomach issues. But does it work? Is it safe? Learn all about that and more.

What is the BRAT Diet?

The BRAT Diet is very simple and consists of just 4 core foods: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

There also other variations such as the BRATT Diet, which contains tea, and the BRATY Diet, which contains yogurt.

Historically the BRAT Diet has been recommended by some doctors to help treat patients with stomach issues as the 4 core foods are simple, bland, and purportedly help relieve or resolve stomach issues.

Does the BRAT Diet work?

Always trust the judgment of doctors over opinions on the Internet. With that said, there are a mixed opinions on whether the BRAT Diet works or not.

Some people believe the BRAT Diet works because its low fiber content helps counteract symptoms of stomach illness like diarrhea. Additionally, separate studies have shown that bananas and rice have contributed to stomach illness recovery.

However, others believe that the BRAT Diet is missing a variety of important nutrients since it's limited to just 4 foods. They believe that patients will recover faster if they eat a more complete, balanced diet.

Is the BRAT Diet safe?

The BRAT Diet is likely safe over a short-period of time. However, it's generally not recommended for longer than a day or two as it's low in protein, fiber, fat, and other nutrients and is not a balanced a diet.

Is the BRAT Diet healthy or unhealthy?

The BRAT Diet is definitely an unhealthy long-term option as it's not close to a complete diet. As referenced above, whether it's healthy for stomach issues is up for debate.

The healthiness of the BRAT Diet also depends on the ingredients chosen. For example, some applesauce brands contain added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Bread can also have mixed nutritional value based on added ingredients and the type of bread. The same is true for rice as there are many different types of rice and different varieties like instant rice, short-grain, and long-grain.

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