10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Working Out

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Sometimes working out can feel like a chore. Rather than skipping your workout, try these tips to burn calories without working out. You'll burn fewer calories than an intense workout but a moderate workout is better than no workout.

Take a hot bath. Yes, you heard that right. Take a hot bath.

A study found that a hour-long bath burns around the same amount of calories as 30 minutes of walking. To be specific, a soak in the tub burned an average of 126 calories per hour. The theory is that passive heating increases the rate that people burn calories.

Baths also help you relax after a stressful day. You can also even reduce pain by adding some epsom salt to your bath. According to Dr. Axe, epsom salt provides benefits due to an increase in magnesium absorption.

Before going to bed, turn the thermostat down or crank the AC up.

Making your environment colder won't burn as many calories as a hot bath. This is more of a tip to burn a few more calories per day, which adds up over time. With that said, a former NASA scientist said that people saw metabolism boosts of 20% in environments as mild as 60 degrees.

Go for a walk during your lunch break or during a call.

Like mentioned above, 30 minutes of walking burns about 126 calories per hour. Even if you only go for a quick walk during lunch, those calories will add up over time. Furthermore, staying indoors all day can be a little stifling. Sometimes getting outside can re-energize and help you focus better on a challenge you were struggling with.

You can also be productive while walking. Do you have phone calls to make? Go for a walk during the call. There's a reason why entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban frequently take business calls on the treadmill. It gets two things done at one time.

You could also listen to a podcast to learn something new or entertain yourself. Some of our favorite informative podcasts include:

Or check out the top-rated podcasts at iTunesCharts.

Turn your trip to the grocery store into a mini-workout.

If you live close enough, you can save money on gas, burn calories, and improve your strength by walking instead of driving to the grocery or department store. It'll also help you make more prudent decisions about what to purchase since you'll be limited in what you can carry back. Still craving soda? You'll crave it less if you have to carry it back.

Tip: A re-usable grocery bag makes your trip even more eco-friendly and reduces the chance that your bag will rip while carrying it back.

Try biking or walking to work instead of driving.

This tip is even better if you work in a big city. While the drivers near you are are starting, stopping, and honking, you can glide past them and burn some calories in the process. Just make sure you don't sweat as much as George Constanza did when he went with the spicy chicken. A dry-fit shirt can help with that.

Chew some gum.

Chewing gum won't burn as many calories as walking or biking. It's estimated that chewing gum burns anywhere from 10-15 calories per hour. But it's also a way you can burn calories without leaving your couch. Chewing gum can also help prevent you from reaching for an impulse snack.

Whether to go with regular gum or sugar-free gum is heavily debated. Regular gum contains more calories but most sugar-free gum contains artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, which might have some drawbacks. An artificial sweetener is a replacement for sugar or other sweets that attempts to provide the same sweet taste with fewer calories. However, artificial sweeteners might actually make us hungrier and make us crave sweets. This debate is still ongoing. With that said, we generally go with sugar-free gum as it has fewer calories. Here are some of our favorite brands and flavors:

Clean/organize your house and get two things done at the same time.

Cleaning and organizing your house is actually kind of a low-intensity, full body workout that can burn more calories than walking or biking. The exact amount of calories burned depends on how big your house is, whether you have to move heavy objects, and other variables. But regardless of exactly how many calories cleaning will burn, it's an activity that will improve your quality of life on multiple different levels.

Pace around, fidget, and get your spaz on.

Anything from tapping your feet to pacing around the house will burn a few extra calories. You can even burn calories while sitting in your chair and watching TV. If you're looking for some ideas, these funny kids might provide you some inspiration:

Drink some ice cold water.

Ice cold water only burns a few more calories than cool or lukewarm water but it's another way to slowly burn more calories over time. It's also another tip you can try from the comfort of your couch.

Laugh out loud.

A study showed that as little as 10-15 minutes of genuine laughter per day increased calorie expenditure. Who knew that watching YouTube could burn calories?

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