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What is the Cabbage Soup Diet? Does it work? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Learn all of the above and more.

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a notable quick-fix diet fad. It allegedly helps dieters lose up to 10 pounds or 4.5 kilograms in just a week. It is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet, however, there are no justified affiliations between the hospital and the diet. It is also given other names like Dolly Parton’s Diet or T.J. Miracle Soup. With so many variations and names, the general and if not the original term is simply the Cabbage Soup Diet.

As its name suggests, the Cabbage Soup Diet eating plan involves consuming unlimited amounts of cabbage soup in place of other foods. The recipes vary and the meal plan adds more variety as the days progress.

How does it work?

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a seven-day diet. For one week, a dieter consumes large amounts of homemade cabbage soup. The difficulty of food restriction starts high from day one but gradually decreases with each passing day. To give an overview, on day one, a dieter is only allowed to consume cabbage soup and a few fruits, but on day seven, the diet allows brown rice, vegetables, skim milk and more fruits.

The rigid restriction of the variety of foods allowed makes Cabbage Soup Diet difficult to follow. Even more so to dieters that are not so fond of cabbage soup. However, considering that it only lasts a week as recommended, plus the fast weight loss results, it easily became a diet fad.

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet work? What are the benefits of it?

Reviews on the diet suggest that it does work: a dieter can lose pounds very easily in just a short amount of time. The Cabbage Soup Diet plan is reportedly high in fiber, low in fat and low in calories. It is also considered a very low-calorie diet with only up to 1,000 calories a day on its menu. With these factors, it becomes relatively easy for a dieter to lose weight.

While the Cabbage Soup Diet has fast results, it also has a limited effect. Purportedly, this kind of diet only helps a person lose water weight which dieters will easily gain back as soon as they start eating normally again.

Is the Cabbage Soup Diet safe? Is the Cabbage Soup Diet unhealthy?

Every kind of diet has its pros and cons. With the Cabbage Soup Diet, however fast the results are with its relatively easy-to-follow meal plan, the negative effects seem to outweigh the benefits.

During the course of adopting this diet, a person can feel weak, hungry, and some also report feeling sick. It is easy to see why dieters go through this as drastic low-calorie intake can reduce a person’s energy, prompting weakness and changes in mood. Moreover, the diet only allows a few choices of food which may risk a dieter from nutrient deficiency. Many lifestyle experts warn people of these Cabbage Soup Diet health risks to discourage dieters.

Using Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss is only a temporary solution that cannot be sustained long-term, therefore, effects tend to be short term. Some health professionals even brand Cabbage Soup Diet as an unhealthy diet, as there are more well-balanced meal plans that can help weight loss and sustain healthy eating habits for an improved lifestyle.

Cabbage Soup Diet shopping list, meal plan, and menu

There are various recipes for Cabbage Soup Diet, mainly focusing on homemade cabbage soup. However, there is a set of key ingredients for cabbage soup which is supposedly vital to reap the exact benefits of this diet.

Here is a set of ingredients in this cabbage soup recipe which over ten thousand people has made:

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Onion Soup Mix
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Green beans
  • Peppers
  • Celery
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Beef Broth

For those who would like to try the Cabbage Soup Diet, here is a reference for a 7-day meal plan:

  • Day 1: Cabbage soup and raw fruits, except bananas
  • Day 2: Cabbage soup and raw or cooked vegetables, except potatoes
  • Day 3: Cabbage soup and raw fruit and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes
  • Day 4: Cabbage soup, up to eight bananas and skim milk
  • Day 5: Cabbage soup, up to six tomatoes, and protein: beef or chicken
  • Day 6: Cabbage soup, added amount of vegetables except potatoes and more protein
  • Day 7: Cabbage soup, raw or cooked vegetables, unsweetened fruit juice

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