Make Peas and Green Beans Taste Better

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Peas and green beans are a great choice to keep you full and lose weight. But depending on if they're fresh, frozen, or canned, they can taste delicious or disgusting. Learn how to make frozen or canned vegetables taste good and make fresh vegetables taste even better.

Go fresh over frozen or canned whenever possible.

This is the easiest way to make green beans or peas taste better. There's a huge difference in taste between fresh and frozen. Freshly purchased green beans or snap peas will taste good but they'll taste even better if you grow your own. It's pretty much impossible to match the taste of any freshly picked vegetable.

Make some sriracha green beans.

I saw these in the grocery store frozen section and they were delicious. If you can't find them in your frozen aisle, simple get your own sriracha sauce and either add while cooking or after.

Make sweet and spicy green beans.

We like using a mix of seasoned salt, canola oil, and a small amount of sugar to give green beans a different kind of taste.

Add some ranch.

What doesn't ranch go with? It definitely works with peas and green beans. Simply prepare them like you normally do and then add the ranch before eating.

Try some butter and freshly, ground black pepper.

This is another classic pairing that works great on a variety of foods. Just make sure to use a black pepper grinder instead of a black pepper shaker. There's a huge taste difference with just a little bit more effort.

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