Make Quinoa Taste Better

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Cooked Quinoa with Tomatoes and Rosemary

Quinoa is a nutritious alternative to refined grains. It also tastes plain. Luckily, it's very easy to make cooked quinoa taste good. Learn about which ingredients to add to quinoa to make it taste better.

Start with high-quality quinoa.

The best-tasting quinoa will already be pre-rinsed. One of our favorite brands of quinoa is Bob's Red Mill.

Rinse the quinoa if needed.

Quinoa in its raw form has a bitter, outside coating that makes quinoa taste water. Many commercially purchased quinoa is already rinsed but if it isn't, make sure to rinse your quinoa to remove some of the bitter taste.

Add some flavor.

A variety of flavors go well with quinoa but one of our favorite quinoa combinations is quinoa and pesto. Another idea is to take almond oil, walnut oil, or any other nut oil and add some Himalayan salt. This is a more simple flavor but the nuttiness of quinoa pairs well with the oils. You could also make some garlic quinoa with olive oil.

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